DOUGLAS BROWN  1943-2020

This year we are dedicating the Virtual Edom Art Festival to the memory of our founding father, Douglas Brown.  Doug moved to Edom in 1971, and founded Potters Brown and the Edom Art Fair.  He had a vision of a community supporting artists, a community where artists could share ideas, living their dreams of realizing a place to create and sell their work with like-minded folks.  An inclusive community that welcomed all who came and were willing to participate in the dream.  He was all about paying it forward and giving back, starting an Art Fair with the selfless purpose of simply providing a place for artists to sell their work.

That dream has carried forward to this day.

The Edom Craft Community has gone through many changes as all towns do with time, but the sole purpose has continued to live on and the Art Festival has continued to live on. Shops on the main street are still full of artists, and new artists are finding their way here.  Doug would hope that the dream would live on with new artists bringing up the ranks, and time will tell.  One thing to be sure for all who knew him, his unique personality and being, is one that will always be remembered.  His forthrightness, his honesty, integrity, and willingness to give asking nothing in return, will be the standard we shall all try to live by.


Build it and they will come.  And they did, for almost 50 years, and hopefully years to come.

The Edom Craft Community has also lost another this year, Marty Zewick of Zeke and Marty.  Marty and Zeke moved to Edom a few years after Doug, and the 3 of them helped in partnership to make Edom the haven for artists that it is today.  Our town is grieving greatly for these forward thinking artists, who created and lived their dream.  They will be missed forever.