Edom Community Scholarship

Applications due by March 15, 2020

The Edom Community Scholarship Fund, established in 1994, awards an annual scholarship to graduating high school or homeschooled seniors, who plan to attend an institute of higher learning. The fund is administered by the Edom Area Chamber of Commerce

The scholarship is granted to an EDOM AREA graduating senior who shows RESPECT for and INTEREST in the community. He or she must also present a high school record indicative of ACADEMIC and SOCIAL involvement. The award is funded directly to the educational institution and may be applied to tuition, fees or books.

Recipients of the 2019 scholarship were Tommy Leah Crow and Eliot Gracen Burk. Each received $1,250 applicable toward tuition to an institution of higher learning. Both students graduated in May 2019 from Van High School and plan to attend Tyler Junior College in the fall. The 2019 award exceeded last year’s total by five times, thanks to local change jar collections and donations.

Application Process

You may submit your application one of two ways:

Complete and submit this on-line application with scanned copies of all required attachments or

Applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the Edom Community Scholarship Committee. For more information please contact the Edom Chamber at (844) 633-6689 or email: info@visitedom.com.

Edom Community Scholarship Area Boundaries are from Downtown Edom extending:

NORTH on FM 314 to FM 858
SOUTH on FM 314 to Kickapoo Creek Bridge
EAST on FM 279 to FM 2010
WEST on FM 279 to VZ CR 4714
EAST on Hwy 64 to VZ CR 4923
WEST on Hwy 64 to VZ CR 4602